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About Us

Company Profile

Since 1987, Shentin has been devoting to the field of precision ceramics.

We provide comprehensive fine ceramic parts for our customers including textile equipment spare parts, passive components, TFT/LCD parts, semi-spare parts.

The advantages of Shentin:

* Considerable expertise in fine ceramic manufacturing and rich experience in machining precision ceramics.

* Professional team: each of team players has related personnel certification.

* Qualified OEM supplier.

* Global vision-We cooperate with many international customers to provide comprehensive service.

Our “Patient”, “Conscientiousness”, “Honest” will lead Shentin to meet every requirement from clients.

Company Milestone


Shentin was founded in Shulin Dist., New Taipei City in 1987. At the same time, our ceramic passive components were certified by the British Standard BS-1362.


・Shentin moved to Yingge factory area.

・Purchased the USA Dry CIP equipment.

・Cooperated with many universities and industrial research institutes to develop and manufacture ceramic parts.


Shentin’s 2nd plant in Yingge was established, not only many of CNC but also flat grinding equipment were purchased.

Shentin started to manufacture TFT/LCD ceramic parts.


Shentin was assessed and found to be in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001.


We had set several offices in different locations to provide better services

・The Tainan office in Taiwan

・The Suzhou plant in mainland China

・The Yongan plant in Taoyuan

・Purchasing a continuous sintering furnace of 1700 °C.


We increased 2 types of CIP equipment:

・ Ø800 200MPA water-type cold press molding machine

・Japan 1700 °C High-temperature Sintering Furnace.


Shentin became approval vendor of OEM equipment manufacturers, also qualified by end-customers.


Shentin passed the audit by OEM equipment manufacturer and attained TA certification.


ISO: 9001 : 2015 is certified.

Shentin is re-audited by OEM equipment manufacturer and attained SPACA certification.





Quality Policy

【Outstanding Technology】

【Excellent Quality】

【Satisfy Customer’s Requirement】